Titan uses proprietary quantitative models to objectively navigate the global financial markets. Since the big money is made by being on the right side of the major market moves, our strategies seek to participate in up markets while protecting capital during down markets. Each of our strategies incorporate multiple proprietary models to maximize returns and minimize losses.  We manage six global tactical strategies across the reward to risk scale that can accommodate the most aggressive investors to the most conservative investors.

We work with a large global universe of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) which includes: U.S. stocks and bonds, foreign stocks and bonds, commodities, REITs, MLPs, currencies and cash. This gives us more opportunities to make money during up and down markets. The Titan Focus 20 strategy utilizes the same tactical approach as our ETF strategies, but applied to individual stocks.

Titan Capital Management, LLC offers the following Global Tactical strategies (please click on links below to download):

Titan Focus 20 Q4 2017 Fact Sheet

Titan Ultra Growth Q4 2017 Fact Sheet

Titan Growth Q4 2017 Fact Sheet

Titan Moderate Growth Q4 2017 Fact Sheet

Titan Conservative Growth Q4 2017 Fact Sheet 

Titan Global Equity Q4 2017 Fact Sheet