Why Titan

Why Investors and Advisors choose Titan Capital Management, LLC as their Money Manager:

Global Tactical Approach – Our strategies are designed to participate in up markets while protecting capital during down markets. For example, if stocks are falling we move out of stocks and into other asset classes. Out strategies do not have fixed allocations to any asset class and can move 100% to cash. This gives us the flexibility to invest in securities that are rising and to avoid those that are underperforming.

Eliminate Emotion Burden of Investing – Investing can be a very stressful endeavor for most people. One not only needs to have a sound investment strategy, but most importantly the discipline to execute the strategy. We will eliminate the emotional burden and stress associated with investing which should help you sleep better at night.

Time – Money management is really a full time job. It takes knowledge, skill, experience and discipline to navigate today’s financial markets. We manage money for investors who prefer to spend their precious time with their families or on leisure activities.

Fees and Alignment of Interests – We work under a Fee-Only arrangement exclusively, ensuring that there is never any conflict of interest between us and our clients. We do not sell investment products, accept any commissions or accept any third-party compensation. Our management fees are very competitive.